Zamira Yermaganbetova

Contact details:

Academic position: Lecturer.

Education/qualification (year, country, educational institution):

2006-2011 – Kazakh National Academy of Arts named after T.Zhurgenov

Direction of activity: methods of teaching the basics of makeup, makeup, hairdressing.

Professional activity:

From 02.18.2019 to the present – Lecturer at the Department of Scenography and Decorative Arts, Kazakh National University of Arts

– Make-up artist, the movie “Birzhan Sal”, Kazakhfilm named after  Sh.Aimanov (06.06.2008-06.09.2008).

– Make-up artist, Kazakh State Academic Drama Theater named after   M.Auezhov (04.11.2008-01.10.2011).

– Make-up artist, “Channel 31” of the TV show “Uzil Studio” (05.05.2011-05.12.2012).

– Make – up artist – stylist, “Kazakhstan 1” TV channel, “Altyn Tanga” TV program (06.01.2011-12.30.2012).

– Master-make-up artist, State Academic Russian Youth Theater named after N.Sats (09.11.2011-31.01.2013).

– Assistant makeup artist production center “Satti”, the television series “Home Wars” (03.01.2013-01.04.2013).

– Make-up artist, Channel 7, the Signs program (04.01.2013-04.04.2013).

– Make-up artist, “Big 8 Production”, the television series “Life in the Big City” (04.20.2013-21.05.2013).

– Assistant makeup artist, “Satai film” television series “Sunkar (06.01.2013-09.09.2013).

– Assistant to the make-up artist “Eurasia Film Production”, the film “Voice of the Steppes” (10.21.2013-21.11.2013).

– Make-up artist, “KAZtelefilm” television series “Arman Asuy” (12.01.2013-12.30.2013).

– Make-up artist, Astana TV channel (01.03.2014-01.04.2014).

– Make-up artist, Adigul LLP film “Marco Polo”(04.01.2014-05.01.2014).

– Make-up artist, “MG Production” television series “Kok Tarlandary-2” (05.15.2014-08.08.2014).

– Make-up artist, CORICH  Production LLP, television series “Altyn Uya” (07.01.2015-09.09.2015).

– Make-up artist, Gold Cinema Group LLP children’s television program “Shytyrman” (07.01.2016-01.08.2016).

– Make-up artist, State Academic Russian Drama Theater Gorky (2016-2017).

– Artist – make-up artist for complex makeup, NAO State Opera and Ballet Theater “Astana Opera” (from March 17, 2017 to the present).

 Knowledge of foreign languages: English.