Meiramova Zhumagul Omirzakovna

Academic position: teacher

Academic degree: professor of Higher Certification Commission, Honored Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

Education, classification: higher. Institute of Arts. Kurmangazy. 1971 – specialty – theater and film actor.

Direction of activity – theater art

Professional activities: 

1971-2007 – Academic Drama Theater. M. Auezov – artist

1996 – 2007 – Academy of Arts. T. Zhurgenov – teacher

2007 – present – Kazakh National University of Arts – teacher

Scientific works, publications, publications – teaching aids: 

in 2005 – “Education of a voice”, in 2007. – “Work on a monologue”, in 2011. – a textbook “Yoga and education of a voice”; published several articles on the problems of stage speech in a modern theater: in 2013 – “Public Speech” – in the journal “European Applied Sciences”, “The Art of Stage Speech” in the collection “Actual Problems of Culture, Art and Art Education” (Orenburg)

Further training – Academy of Arts. T. Zhurgenova (72 hours)


1972 – “the best debut” for the role of Sana’a in spectacle “Lucky Buken” A. Tarazi

1989 – “Best Actress” for the role of Aigerim in spectacle “Is there poison that I have not eaten” I. Orazbaeva

1996 – “the best episode” – for the role of Skerina in spectacle “Princess Turandot” C. Gozzi

In 2001 recognized as the “best actress” of the theater. M. Auezova

2004 – “Best Actress” – for the role of Aigerim in spectacle “Abay” M. Auezova

2014 – special diploma of the jury of the international festival in Aktau.


Abay A. – “Best Actress” – olympiad. Almaty

Abenova A. – “Best Actress in a Supporting Role” – Olympiad. Almaty

Aldongarov D. – “the best plastic solution” of the Olympiad. Almaty

Yerikov T. – “Best Actor” – TTT Festival. the city of Karaganda.

Abay A. – “actors sing” – Kazakh national university of Arts. Astana.

Foreign language proficiency: Russian.

Additionally information: In 2004-2008 was a student of a seminar on “stage speech”, organized by the The Union of Theater Workers of the Russian Federation in Moscow in the workshop of a student of People’s Artist of the Russian Federation M.O. Knebel professor I.Y. Promptova; At the same time, in 2005-2008, she completed an internship at the Moscow Art Theater School. / University /; in 2015.- at the Academy of Arts. T. Zhurgenov. Teacher Zh.Meiramova regularly holds open lessons and master classes in KAZNUA, Academy of Arts Zhurgenov, regional theaters, advises announcers of the republican radio and television channels. Since 2001 she is the only representative of Kazakhstan at the stage speech seminar, operating under the The Union of Theater Workers of the Russian Federation, a permanent member of the jury of the competition of readers named after O. Bokey, the national Delphic Games and the annual city shows of “Abay’s readings”.

The main roles in the theater:

  1. M. Auezov, L. Sobolev “Abay” – Aigerim
  2. M. Auezov, L. Sobolev “Abay” – Azhar
  3. G. Musrepov “The Tragedy of the Poet” – Aktokty
  4. G. Musrepov “Kyz Zhibek” – Kamka
  5. S. Mukanov “Chokan Valikhanov” – Katerina
  6. A. Nurpeisov “Blood and Sweat” – Akbala
  7. C. Aitmatov “And the day lasts longer than a century” – Zaripa
  8. B. Rimova “Abay – Aigerim” – Saltanat, Togzhan
  9. I. Orazbaev “Is there poison I have not drunk” – Aigerim
  10. I. Orazbaev “Shyngys Khan” – Ibaga
  11. A. Tarazi “Lucky Buken” – Sana
  12. O. Bokey “My foal” – Anar
  13. L. Tabukashvili “In search of a phantom” – Niniko
  14. N. Miroshnichenko “The Third Generation” – Madeline
  15. I. Vovnyanko “Catastrophe” – Ulpan and others 1.
  16. Sh. Murtaza “Crying Algeria” – Mother
  17. A. Chekhov “Uncle Vanya” – Maria Vasilievna
  18. T. Giucenoglu “Avalanche” – The Old Woman
  19. M. Auezov “Ayman-Sholpan” – Tenge
  20. E. Zhuasbek “Antivirus” – Jamal
  21. G. Musrepov, E. Brusilovsky “Kyz Zhibek” – Kamkha
  22. J. Anouilh “Jeanne d * Arc” – Queen.