Daiana Ibrayeva

Daiana Ibrayeva

Contacts: Ibraevadaiana@gmail.com

Skills and qualifications:

Languages: Kazakh, English, Russian, Turkish.

– Writing and developing scripts at all stages. Control over the production process of the product during the preparatory and filming periods.

– Organization of projects within a certain time frame and within the budget.

– Team management, budgeting, planning.

– Use deep, comprehensive knowledge of film production, editing process and film production management to create a smooth and efficient work environment.

-Exercising control over the process of project development, casting, preparatory, filming and editing and toning periods. Hiring key crew members and actors.

– Work with actors. Development of a director’s decision. Work as a director on film sets (pavilion, mobile group).

– Preparation of films for film festivals.

– Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Avid Composer, Movie Magic Budgeting and Scheduling, Final Draft, Shot Designer.


Master’s degree: New York Film Academy; Los Angeles— Filmmaking 2019

Bachelor’s degree: Kazakh National University of Arts – TV Directing 2016


From January 2020 to this day, an instructor at the Department of Film and TV Directing at the Kazakh National University of Arts.

From April 2020 to this day, Art Director of the competition of term papers and diploma works of KazNUA “Zhas Tolkyn”.

From September 2021 to this day, senior lecturer in the Department of Social Sciences at Astana IT University.

2022 – Proctor at People’s University, California, USA.


Advertising video for Samruk Kazyna “Samruk Inside”; Astana, Kazakhstan- 2021

Boots – Short film; Astana, Kazakhstan- 2020

Live me – Short film; Los Angeles, USA – 2019

It Was You (Short film); Los Angeles, USA – 2018

Symbol of faith (Short film); Astana, Kazakhstan- 2018

Mother (short film); Los Angeles, USA – 2017

Mirror (Short film); Astana, Kazakhstan- 2016

Shabyt (short / documentary); Astana, Kazakhstan – 2016

Heartbeat (Short film); Rome, Italy – 2015

Ten fingers (TV show for children, channel “Balapan”); Astana, Kazakhstan – 2015

War is Memory (documentary); Astana, Kazakhstan – 2014

Asem vs. Assel (documentary); Astana, Kazakhstan – 2013


Documentary film about railway veterans “Secret of Zhelezki”; Nur-Sultan/Karaganda, Kazakhstan – 2021

Documentary film about the outstanding chemist Yedil Ergozhin “Chemistry of Yergozhin”; Nur-Sultan/Almaty, Kazakhstan – 2021

A video about children in migration processes for the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund UNICEF; Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan – 2021 Promotional video for Danish E-bike tires “RETYRE”, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan – 2021

Video for the opening of the Public Association “Friendship of China University Graduates”; Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan – 2021

Peoples’ Friendship Assembly (video clip); Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan – 2020

Music video for the song “Points” (performer DASHХХ); Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan – 2020 A series of videos about the architecture of the city of Nur-Sultan for the 30th anniversary of Independence; Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan – 2020

91-19 Tauelsizdik zholy – (Instagram series); Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan – 2020

Independent Dreamer – (Short film); Almaty , Kazakhstan 2019

Good man – (Short film); Los Angeles, USA – 2019

Kuyrshak – (Short film); Almaty , Kazakhstan 2019

Lady Sparta – (Documentary film); Los Angeles, USA – 2019

CrowLee – Origami – (Music video); Los Angeles, USA – 2019

Sister Runs – (Short Film); Almaty, Kazakhstan 2019.

Hear Me – (Short Film); Los Angeles, USA – 2019

Silence mode – (Short film); Los Angeles, USA – 2019