International Student Film Festival «TOMIRIS»


International Student Film Festival «TOMIRIS»

Kazakh National University of Arts


International Student Film Festival «TOMIRIS» (henceforth referred to as the “Festival”) was created to support and promote young filmmakers who receive their education in film schools and film universities.

  1. The “Festival” is conducted on the basis of the Kazakh National University of Arts (“Theater, Cinema and TV” Faculty) and is one of the main examples of professional film education in the creative, scientific and informational fields.
  2. The “Festival” was created by the “Faculty of “Theater, Cinema and TV” of Kazakh National University of Arts.
  3. The organizing committee of the film festival is headed by the rector of the Kazakh National University of Arts, professor A.K. Mussakhadjayeva, Kazakhstan “Enbek Yeri” (President of the Film Festival “TOMIRIS”).
  4. The working organization of the “Festival” is the “Theater, Cinema and TV” faculty of KazNUA. General director of ISFF TOMIRIS – Dean of the “Film and TV Arts” Faculty: A.K. Suleev
  5. To organize and conduct the “Film Festival”, a permanent working group is being created on the basis of the Faculty of “Cinema and Television”, consisting of teachers and active students of the Faculty of “Cinema and Television”, the Department of “Art History” and the Department of “Social and Humanitarian Disciplines” and “Art Management”.


  • Support young filmmakers, formation of their professional experience and status in the national and international filmmaking space.
  • Involvement in the educational process of the best filmmakers, teachers and students of specialized educational institutions in the film arts of Kazakhstan and the world.
  • Educating students in professional aspirations and skills .
  • Strengthening inter-university relations, the expansion of creative and professional contacts, the exchange of learning experiences between the creative workshops of educational institutions in other countries..
  • Attracting public attention, including the media, residents and guests of the city, to the creativity of the young generation – future cinema specialists.
  • Expansion of creative, pedagogical and business cooperation with foreign educational institutions of cinematic profile.


Competition program:

  • International Student Short Film Competition.
  • National Student Short Film Competition.

Out-of-competition program:

  • Non-competitive program – films-winners of the International Film Festival “TOMIRIS” or other short film festivals.
  • Master classes, creative meetings, and presentations of film schools – informational and educational programs.

Nominations of the international competition

  • Best live action film.
  • Best documentary film.
  • Best animated film.
  • Best directing.
  • Best production design.
  • Best cinematography.
  • Best screenplay.
  • Best actor.
  • Best actress.
  • Best original score.

National competition nominations (Kazakhstan Critics Association)

  • Best film.
  • Best director.
  • Best visuals.
  • Special judges’ prize.


  • Special and consolation prizes of the contest will be given out by faculties and departments of KazNUA and by government and public organizations.
  • Organization Committee Certificates are awarded to all contestants and guests of the film festival.
    • During the preparation for the International Student Film Festival “TOMIRIS”, an Organization Committee will be created on the basis of the Faculty of Cinema and Television of KazNUI, whose main goal is to organize, select and conduct the “Film Festival”.
    • General Director of the Moscow Film Festival TOMIRIS: Dean of the Faculty of Cinema and TV A.K. Suleev
    • The program service of the “film festival” sends letters to national film schools, collects competitive films, and makes its decision on the compliance of the submitted films for each film school.
    • The organizing committee of the festival forms the composition and number of the professional jury of the international competition and the
    • National competition.

The International Student Film Festival “TOMIRIS” will be held from April 26 to 28, 2022 according to the following schedule:

  • April 26 – Opening ceremony of the “Film Festival”, announcement of participants, presentation of film schools, conducting master classes;
  • April 27 – competitive film screening, master classes;
  • April 28 – Out-of-competition screening and Closing ceremony.
  • Short films made during studies at film colleges and film schools, the production of which is completed in 2019-2021, can take part in the competition program..
  • No more than 45 films can take part in the International Competition of the Film Festival.
  • In the National Film Festival competition – no more than 20 works.
  • Movies are accepted on all types of electronic media (DVD/Blu-ray/Flash), in the format of links to video resources (Vimeo, Youtube) or electronic resources (DropBox, DropMeFiles, etc.).
  • The duration of each film is 7-30 minutes (1-30 min for animated films).
  • Copies of films accepted into the competition program of the festival must be received by the organizers no later than 10 days before the start of the film festival.
  • Those wishing to submit a film for participation in the TOMIRIS Film Festival competition must fill out the participant’s form and provide a copy of the film for selection on all types of electronic media.
  • Films should be provided with Kazakh or Russian, or English subtitles, dialogue sheets.
  • The work is accompanied by an application (Appendix No. 1), which the participant must send to the directorate’s mail.
  • After informing the participants about the selection of paintings in the festival program, the authors must send the following documents to the organizers:
  • Synopsis, logline, poster;
  • Promotional materials, press materials (if available);
  • Materials for the catalog (information about the creators of the film, a photo of the director and stills from the film).
  • To participate in the international competition of the “Film Festival”, works created only in educational institutions (universities, colleges, schools of the highest level) that carry out professional training of specialists in the field of cinema and television are provided.
  • To participate in the National competition of the “Film Festival”, works created only in educational institutions of Kazakhstan that provide professional training of specialists in the field of cinema and television are provided.
  • A film selected for one of the festival programs cannot be withdrawn after official confirmation of its participation.
  • If provided, any presentation material (photos, videos) by the lecturer at the master class or round table should correspond to the topic of the speech.
  • All terms and conditions are binding. Otherwise, the directorate of the “Film Festival” reserves the right to exclude the film from the program of the film festival.
  • The Organizing Committee reserves the right to use the competitive works for non-commercial purposes and without payment of monetary remuneration to the author (author’s team), but with mandatory indication of the author’s name (co-authors); holding on the territory of Kazakhstan film companies created on the basis of competitive works (electronic catalog, Internet resources), distribution of video products in institutions of general and vocational education, as well as for broadcast on television and on the Internet, full or partial use for educational and other purposes.
  • The submission of works by the participant for participation in the competition means the full consent of the participant with this Provision.
  • After the approval of the list of films included in the competitive program of the “Film Festival”, the senders of the films will be notified by email, including those who did not pass the selection.
  • The organizers reserve the right to include a film that is not included in the international competition program in an out-of-competition screening of any of the sections.
  • The sending and return of master copies intended for display in contests is carried out at the expense of the participant.

Organizers of the International Student Film Festival “TOMIRIS”: Faculty of “Cinematography and TV” KAZNUA.


ISFF TOMIRIS: professor,  rector KazNUA A.K. Musakhadzhayeva

General Director

ISFF TOMIRIS: Dean of the Faculty of “Cinema and TV” Aubakir Suleev

Executive Director

ISFF TOMIRIS: Alexandr Tsvet

Art Director


Program Director

ISFF TOMIRIS: Arman Kairzhan


Republic of Kazakhstan, 010000, Astana, Tauelsizdik Ave., 50

KazNUA (Shabyt)  – Faculty of “Cinema and Television”

+7 7017114368  (Dean of the faculty A.K.Suleev)

+7 7172 70 54 94 (chancellery)



Application for participation (download)

Information about the Jury Members