KazNUA of the Ministry of Education and Science is one of the largest creative higher education institutions of Kazakhstan.It trains experts in the field of culture and arts. Activity of the University is characterized by high scores and ratings and it holds a leading position among creative higher education institutions of the country. KazNUA has significant impact on the development of cultur and intellectual potential of Northern, Central East regions and Kazakhstan, in general.

Our work relies on established traditions and modern trends :

• innovative approach uniting education, science and culture, which forms the economy of knowledge, according to "Kazakhstan-2050" development strategy, and aspiration to integrate into the global educational domain;

• high competence and professionalism of the faculty and staff;

• use of quality management system principles in all activities;• continuous communication and cooperation with the University alumni.

The Mission of KazNUA is to prepare a National elite that will foster the development of culture, arts and fine arts education in the Republic of Kazakhstan by means of providing high-quality educational services in accordance with modern International standards.

Strategic directions of KAZNUA:

• Innovative and educational activity;

• Cultural and educational activity;

• Integration of the University into the International cultural and educational domains;

• Increase of effective management of the University;

• Educational work and socializing activity.

The administration and collective of KazNUA express aspiration to realize the Mission by creating innovative University, on the basis of continuous education model (school-college-bachelor degree-master's-doctoral programms); including the advancement of cultural, scientific and educational image of Kazakhstan globally.